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This is an updated message concerning one particular error in HIPS. On page 64.
Some time ago, I wrote: Vincente Bosch alluded to the fact that my description of circular breathing on my KogenBudo blog was different than that in the book. Others have noted the error directly. ON the blog, I wrote, correctly: "The truth is, however, we ALWAYS execute diaphragmic breathing unless something has gone terribly wrong. When we inhale, the diaphragm always pulls downwards, creating a vacuum that draws air into the lungs. When we exhale, the opposite. The movement of the diaphragm may be constricted or inhibited, but it is always the main ‘driver' of breathing." But somehow, in HIPS, I wrote "the diaphragm is drawn upwards," an anatomical impossibility I read it and think, "how the f**k did I type that? Why didn't I catch it? What didn't my editor, my three critical readers who are supposedly educated. And every person with an axe to grind is going to jump all over that and discount the whole book!"
And although I can accept many editing errors, something substantive as this is something I cannot abide. First of all, because it's wrong, and secondly - to be honest - I am aware that some my discount my entire work because of this error, which is so fundamental. My publisher, Gregory Mele, agrees with me. So what we have done: At the following link is a downloadable label, formatted exactly to that passage on page 64. If you follow the instructions, you can print it out and paste it directly into the book. Of course, new print runs will not have this regrettable error, but this way, I can assure myself that it can be corrected, even in the original. Freelance Academy Press

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