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Cady Goldfield
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Re: YouTube: Aikido is Bullshit

There's a 17-minute excerpt on Youtube of a live "Enter the Dojo" show that he did with most of his cast, at a martial arts expo in Las Vegas last year. It was a compilation of the material he used in his various episodes, with a little bit of all of his catch phrases and routines.

Taking a bunch of 7-minute mini-TV-shows and making a half-hour live stage show from them must not have been easy. There were funny bits, but it ran out of steam quickly and "Master Ken" paced around on the stage a lot, out of his element in a live production. Needs to make it flow better and get some fresh material mixed into the old favorite stuff. It reminded me of the old Saturday Night Live characters that were funny as 5-minute sketches but didn't carry over well to a full-length feature film.

Anyway, I think he could have been nastier to aikido... and all the other MAs too.
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