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Re: Kata and Aikido

Lovely article and much to ruminate on

I rather like the idea of aikido techniques being kata, it helps uke understand their role better as well as addressing the idea of co-operative based training that can then be advanced to have more contention in it. Nishioka sensei of SMR addresses it nicely in his article Uchidachi & Shidachi

In my own school aikido yuishinkai there is a lot of precision at the kotai (static stage) and see the same in quite a few other schools as well.

The trap is thinking that aikido is just these kata and we can become trapped in it, rather than set free by it. Seeing aikido techniques as Kata then enables us to see specific examples of 'aiki', rather than being definitive 'aiki' and the spontaneity of the uke-nage dynamic

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