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Re: Unsupportive spouse


A few years ago,before I started aikido, I didn't have anything really meaningful to apply myself to. I was just kind of drifting along, and wasn't happy a lot of the time. A few years ago, my best friend's sister came back from college and saw the changes that aikido had brought about in me. Katie and I were married in June and now we have a kid on the way! Without aikido, I would still be the frustrated and sad person she hugged goodby when she left for college in Ohio. Without aikido, we would probably not have been married. She understands the positive effect that my training has had, and would never ask me to do without it. I too have had to cut my training to two nights a week to fit night school into my schedule. I miss when I used to train more, but two nights a week tides me over okay. Try to illustrate how your training in aikido makes BOTH of your lives better.

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