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Re: Unsupportive spouse

my wife does not support my aikido either. She just thinks it some kind of fashion and somewhat addictive.
So the agreement is, that I do it twice a week and rarely go on seminars.
Sometimes she comes up with something else, she thinks would be fun for me. In the meantime I refuse any of her "ideas", unless she wants to do it herself. Because whatever i do I want to do seriously and if i had mor time, I would do more aikido.

If I wouldn't have a family, I probably would do more aikido AND windsurfing, cross-country skiing, diving, etc. but as the family has first rank. I use most of my spare time for aikido.

Of course, family is not only duty. It is fun and leisure and we meet friends and do other things together.

And after a while my wife understood, that aikido is important for me and accepts it; but with very limited support.

Kind regards

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