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Re: Teaching Aikido, an Aiki perspective

Greetings Daian,
For me, "teaching" is a distinct and vital type of training. It is often an expression of what one has discovered and wants to share. It may be a call or response to a request for knowledge. In any event, true "teaching" is about attending to the needs of the student, and not an affirmation of the attributes and knowledge of the instructor.In that manner, I do believe that you are indeed fulfilling your role as mentor, guide, and compassionate companion to those on the road to growth and excellence.

The arena for teaching may be quite formal, or as informal as simply sharing a thought at tea time.One should not be concerned with the trappings of instruction, nearly as much as with content, portent and intent. Look first into your own soul to discover your true motivations, examine the agenda of the student, and then work together for that special chemistry when you truly benefit each other.

Daian, please feel free to take each and every opportunity to share your wealth of experiences and insights, and not be concerned with any external or arbitrary notions of propriety or form. You are doing just fine, and only need to enjoy each opportunity that often presents itself unannounced.
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