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Re: Teaching Aikido, an Aiki perspective

Thank you, Ross, for your interest and your comments.

I personally would have nothing to do with anyone “empty of knowledge”, never mind looking to them for either guidance or accord them genuine merit. It is said that Good Decisions come from Wisdom, while Wisdom often comes from Bad Decisions. In any event, the appropriate appreciation of timely knowledge will save the day, whereas the paucity or even total absence of viable knowledge will result in disaster and infamy.

If such folk are simultaneously “full of knowledge”, does the possession of both attributes automatically disqualify them for your purposes, and from any further consideration? Perhaps you would kindly explain further.

Can it be that you have successfully found and studied teachers you have met on your path that were truly full of, and yet devoid of knowledge? If so, what other attributes did they possess and share with you that would have made up for that lack?

Feel free to expand on your viewpoints, as I have always enjoyed your articles in the past. I remain very much interested in what you have wished for and chosen as your goals of achievement in Aiki, and in your Aikido. No guarantees on my part to fully or even partially understand your explanations, but I will sincerely try.
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