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Re: Meditation and Aikido

Originally posted by particleman151
Do you think that meditation helps Aikido, or that O Sensie had meditation in mind when he made Aikido.

My dojo does not stress meditation and breathing from the hara etc. Could any one show me a good web site with directions.
You can browse the Unofficial Ki Society Homepage. There are links to an article on Ki breathing, which is a form of abdominal breathing.

The Maui Ki Society has a short exerpt on Ki meditation from their handbook.

You might consider buying the newly revised Ki in Daily Life. This has a section on Ki breathing, at least the old version that I have did. A more involved book is William Reed's A Road Anyone Can Walk: KI, which is half bio on K. Tohei and half the Ki Society's approach to Ki.

If done in the correct manner, meditation and breathing exercise should help you relax completely. This is good for anything you do, especially Aikido.

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