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Re: American Kotodama II

Presenting the white choral tradition known as Sacred Harp.

Trailer to documentary "Awake, My Soul"

Note from producer Matt Hinton:

I discovered Sacred Harp singing in 1991. At a concert in Atlanta, I heard about an upcoming "shaped note" singing that was being held about in North Georgia. As I approached the Primitive Baptist Church where the singing was held, I could already hear voices. It was the sound, not of a choir, but of people singing. People with flaws and without perfect pitch, but meaning every word of it: "Serve with a single heart and eye, and to Thy glory live or die." I immediately felt transported. What can I call this experience? Overwhelmed. There is a sense in which this moment informed the entire making of ""Awake, My Soul"". It became my desire for others to experience this moment as well.

Ever since, I have tried to convince my friends that if they will only drive 45 minutes, their minds will be blown. Yet, 45 minutes is a tall order evidently. I decided if they will not come to a singing, I must bring the singing to them.

New Testament Baptist Church in Goshen Indiana.

Lomax, the most prolific ethnomusicologist ever, discussing its history and significance along with timely commentary on schooling. Notice the expression of the other two, how foreign this communal connection with the Infinite has been for them and their culture.
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