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Re: Shiro Omiya Shihan on "Aiki"

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Effectiveness in as wide a range as possible, and at my age ways to compensate for the youth I don't have any longer. IP/IS provides one of those avenues for both.

It is obvious that we are not on the same page in the results we expect, the willingness to seek out these results, and approach to be taken when sources are found. Usually if I can find one positive in book, in a training opportunity, in a was worth while. I can't seem to find that with you, so I think we are done.

Good luck with your actual training.............and please don't ask me what positives I am looking for......
We are definitely not on the same page. My main interest in this discussion lies with the claims of historical accuracy (this is what the founder called "Aiki"). Yours obviously doesn't.

By the way, here is an example of an Akidoka that found a way to intergrate non Aikido influencs into his art. It may have even included aiki.

Tamura sensei was both a passionate practitioner and a researcher. I suspect that he was always looking for a way to make things better. Not everything he came up with was worthwhile. He made some changes that he abandoned later, going back to the previous method. Sometimes, he changed to something new yet again. His greatest influence in recent years was, undoubtedly, his discovery of Kuroda Tetsuzan sensei, of the Shinbukan Dojo. It had an incredible impact on his work.

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