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Re: Shiro Omiya Shihan on "Aiki"

@ Michael Varin

I see you quoting Mochizuki Minoru. There is another (I've used google translator for the free version is in French*)

After my trip to Europe, other students of Ueshiba Sensei began to visit a foreign country and took Aikido global importance. Frankly, I returned thirty years ago, I had some problems with Ueshiba. By finding I told him: "I went overseas to publicize your work and I have competitions with different people when I was there. I realized it was very difficult to win using only techniques of Aikido. In some cases, I went instinctively to movements of Judo or Kendo and it allowed me to get out of difficult situations. I'm back problem in every sense, I am forced to conclude that the techniques of Daito-ryu jujutsu not sufficient in all situations. The wrestlers are not disturbed by falls and roll after being projected. They returned immediately to the load and use techniques melee. When the French boxing, it goes well beyond the simple techniques of foot and hand Karate. I am sure that the future will spread Aikido throughout the world, but if that is the case, it will expand its range technology to be able to successfully respond to any attack.

After listening to this diatribe O-Sensei told me: "You do not speak as winning or losing. "I went on quickly:" But we must be strong and win. Aikido is now known throughout the world it must be theoretically and technically capable of facing any challenge. "To which he retorted:" All your thinking is flawed. Of course it should not be low, but this is only one aspect of the problem. Do not you understand that we are no longer in an era where we can only mention of victory or defeat? We entered a century of love, you can not understand it? "You should have seen his eyes when he spoke to me!
It seems post-war Ueshiba was not so interested in powerful combative Aikido, and the pre-war teachings didn't deliver when faced western combat sports practitioners.


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