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Re: Shiro Omiya Shihan on "Aiki"

Chris Hein wrote :
From this, it would sound like a Daito ryu expert feels as if "Aiki" has a lot to do with the ability to lead someones mind.

Kenji Tomiki in Judo and Aikido
The meaning of "aikido" . The old saying goes, "It is the spirit that carries the mind and controls the body." The people of ancient times believed that man's mind and body and consequently his strenght were under the control of the spirit. Aiki means making your spirit "fit in" with your opponent's. In other words it means bringing your movements into accord with your opponent's. After all it means the same thing as the "principle of gentleness," for it is an explanation of the principle from within.

Quite an interesting remark of someone who believed in the future of martial arts as a sport.

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