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Ian Dodkins wrote:
When you are bowing to kamiza it is very easy to glance under your arm at the students!
MaryKaye wrote:
The first time it was me up in front leading, I realized that the reflective glass over the Ki symbol in the tokonoma explained part of sensei's uncanny ability to know what was going on behind her!
Oh dear... I'm starting to have doubts

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
"Hmmm. Where's Chris gone?" and as you open the door you expect a cup of water to fall, or when walking around the corner you half expect him to jump on you. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. But when he does, and you're half ready, ... so he gets the shock of his life and all you did was tenkan. And to catch that cup of water as it falls - wow
In Furuya Sensi's excellent book [KODO], there is mention of someone who did almost exactly what you described. I'm not sure if people have a natural ability for that sort of thing or if it's a trainable skill.
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