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Re: The Sixth Sense

There is a child's game i use to play whereby a person is sat in the middle of the room (this only works on wooden floors) with a set of keys on front of them. they are blindfolded and the other children sit in a large circle around them, one by one the children have to approach the blindfolded child and try to take the keys without being heard. if the child does hear them they must point at where the person is.

You could ask your sensei to try a similar thing in the class. one person could stand in the center with their eyes closed and the rest of the students circle them. in this case the aim would be to approach the student without being heard/sensed. if they get to you they can try a gentle attack.

This will give you practice at handling an unexpected attack and will (in time) increase your awareness. And above all it's a great laugh watching the blingfolded person spin on the spot constantly in fear ; )

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