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Re: The Sixth Sense

Hi Kokyu,
if awareness is expecting friend turn to mean at any time, this would be a sorrowful world.
So if a friend or colleague tries to test your reflexes, the best reply is not to move at all. They can choose the moment and the distance and few people would be able to react in time properly. Not even react at all at least would show a firm and confident character. Nevertheless your reflexes should improve.

The second part is more sensitivity. If you are able to feel things happen without really seeing them, it is great. if for example you feel that your karateka friend tries to do something, you might take distance or enter too close to allow him a real punch.

It seems to be all infantile habit, but it is the same, when you feel an accident happen. Or if you "see" a stranger change his attitute to aggressive, you can react before something happens and potentially avoid the conflict.

First you just should practice normal aikido. If you are alrready excellent, you will find many ways to extend. When you want to practice with closed eyes, it is fine if your partner is aware. Otherwise a fully committed attack could hurt.

Kind regards Dirk
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