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Re: Frozen Shoulder

Yes, the pendulum movement is part of the Codman series. Proprioceptive facilitation stretching (PFS). Myofascial release and also active release. Myofascial release in my experience works best with instrument assistance (Graston, Graston-Hall) since you can feel the scar tissue better with the instruments than you can your fingers. Exercise is also important. All these things work to a limited extent. If you e-mail me privately and give me your address, I can e-mail you a handout I give my frozen shoulder patients. I can also send you an attachment with the Codman exercises and capsule stretches on it.Patience is a virtue as these do not respond quickly at all.

The process can be sped up with manipulation under anesthesia-you are put under and the doc breaks down the adhesions. Sometimes a cortisone shot is also needed. Then you have to go through a lot of rehab to keep the adhesions from reforming (can be quite uncomfortable).

The key thing is to avoid the frozen part when it starts freezing-painful stretching and rehab. If it is already frozen then the challenge begins.
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