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Re: Terms: I.S., I.P., Neijin, Fajin, Aiki, etc.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
"Fill me in on what you know"... might work in a school yard. In keeping with that, I might ask..."Why should I?"
I am disinclined to play that game.
WTF are you talking about?? You act like I'm trying to steal your secret cheese recipe or something.

I sent you the following PM the other day which you might have missed.
jester wrote:
Can you define what you see as IP?

It might make things more clear for me.


In another unrelated thread I never hear the term "Connection" used before so I asked what people think it is and got a straight answer. Now I ask what you think IP is and it turns into a song and dance routine.

I might be a Drive by Poster though. I post on what I think is interesting at the time. Here's my original post. Please let me know what part of your response HERE had substance?

I think the last part of my statement said "A lifetime of training and body conditioning is why he can do that."

That's also where the Jack Lalanne comment came from.


-It seems to be all about semantics!
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