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Re: Tanden Usage in Aikido - re Tetsutaka Sugawara

Hmm, no one's biting eh?

Here's the actual quote I paraphrased yesterday:

The most fundamental factor of a fist is its inner strength. Excellent strength can counteract the weaknesses in fist skills. Splendid fist techniques without enough strength does not pose a real threat, just like a child beating on an adult. Undertaking movement exercises but abandoning strength training lacks an essential element within traditional Chinese martial arts.

My own experience bears out the same opinion. Seven years after my initiation in martial arts, I found it difficult to improve my skills further. So I returned to a strength building program of two to three hours a day. I did not get a deep and correct understanding of Chinese martial arts until I had spent five years in such training.
Again, that was in a chapter written by Lujian Xing.

In a later chapter written by Sugawara (in a section headed "Points to be reconsidered in Aikido") we see:

Aikido may not survive in the future if it is only practiced to maintain good health. Under present conditions, it cannot satisfy the demands of martial art lovers. It may be time to reflect on aikido.

Speaking of my experiences, I would like to tell you that I have found aikido all the more interesting because I can make numerous techniques by combining it with Chinese martial arts.

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