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Re: New Feature: AikiWeb AikiWiki!

Jun Akiyama wrote:
Hi Mike,

Yes, I think it would be necessary to obtain explicit permission (eg in writing) from the copyright holders to place their information into the AikiWiki. Also, there's the implication that the information would then be placed under the Creative Commons License that may not be what the copyright holders would like.

However, here's an idea. If people can think about it both in terms of usefulness and also legality, I'd appreciate it. Maybe we could paraphrase (ie put into our own words) these stories and put them into the AikiWiki with attribution to where the original story may be found? So, for example, we can talk about the founder's "bullet-dodging" story and reference the publications (eg Gozo Shioda, Aikido Jinsei, first edition, page xxx)?

Maybe we can create another link off of the General section of the AikiWiki for "Anecdotes about the founder"?

-- Jun
Sounds pretty good, I'm not too up on the legal issues but I'm sure that the authors of the books would probably say yes if asked, its a bit trickier in the case of deceased authors such as Shioda.
The general section would seem the best place to put it. I know that stories like that about O Sensei are often told and can be quite inspiring, unfortunately they often get distorted.

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