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Re: What is a professional budo teacher?


there are two different connotations to "professionsl". Either you say it in the depreciating sense of "mercenary", or you mean it as a praise - "this teacher has a very professional approach", meaning that
- he doesn't come too late and organises his classes well
- he always tries to give his best
- he does his best to understand capacities, needs and limitations of his students and tries to ensure that each one learns the most possible
- he tries to ensure an agreeable atmosphere in the dojo
- he doesn't let personal sympathies/ antipathies interfere with his teaching
- he always wants to learn and improve himself etc. etc.

Here in Belgium we have very many professional teachers in that sense, and I did not yet meet any professional teacher of the other category. Some teach for a pittance, some live off their teaching, but all I ever met are professional in the good sense.

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