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Richard Stevens
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Re: Aikido in Schools

I've been to a few Japanese schools that include Aikido as part of their "physical education" programs. However, as far as I know, actual physical/technical development was the goal, not the spiritual. They seemed to be treated more like Judo programs (sport).

It may have been a mistake to present Aikido as a physical and spiritual pursuit, especially in a country that is so uptight about religion. You could always present your idea as a type of physical education (like a Judo program) and let the spiritual aspect occur organically. However, Mary mentioned, they are probably onto you now.

This is one of the things about Japan I miss for my son. I had the opportunity to go to a Japanese elementary school that included both Judo and Kendo as part of their physical education programs. I chose Judo and loved every minute of it. The only martial arts opportunities around here for a kiddo are McDojo TKD and Karate.
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