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Aikido in Schools

....So I just had a meeting with my principal to discuss some "incredible new ideas" I had for next semester/ year. One of which was to bring 'The Philosophy of Aikido' to my school. Essentially, I proposed teaching Aikido and incorporating many of the books associated with the art, in all aspects. Thus creating a physical and philosophical class.

In preparation for this meeting I had searched for any High Schools in the US that had Aikido as a curriculum in their institution. I found none. I have to admit, I was rather excited to be THE template for US high schools in creating such a course, especially in this age of bullying and assault.

I felt with my Aikido background as yudansha and instructor, degrees in education, and always looking for a new challenge, I would be the perfect individual to create such a course. (At an all girl Catholic high school in Omaha)

When I shared how I was unable to find any school with my brilliant idea she was not surprised.

Evidently, in Omaha, the arch diocese frowns upon any form of spirituality being instructed outside of Catholicism. Aikido = Shinto/ Zen, Shinto/Zen = not Jesus ergo, no Aikido. (sigh)

Ok, that I could grasp, didn't agree, but we are regimented to our Bishop who is to the Pope.

But why haven't I been able to find any PUBLIC schools that offer Aikido as a curriculum. Her response:
Aikido = spirituality, spirituality = religion, ergo no Aikido. (REALLY?!?!)

So, let me get this straight......................I can't do anything involving Aikido as a curriculum in a Catholic environment because it talks about Asian Spirituality, and no public school will touch Aikido because it deals with spirituality?!?! And according to my administrator, it is a nightmare taboo topic. Spirituality in Public Schools.

I would hope am not the only one who is exasperated by this ridiculous frame of thought.

If there is anyone out there that knows of an Aikido course, in High School, I would love to hear from you. Not sure I am ready to acquiesce so easily.

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