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James Trueman
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I like Erik's and Bronson's take on this. I respect the fact that Ueshiba Sensei developed Aikido - but created could be a bit strong. I belive Ueshiba developed an art that was born from the teachings of masters before him.

He was truely a dedicated man, a man I do not know and cannot comment on personally. But I believe he did as we all do - he synthesised what he learned into something that was meaningful to him - and then showed others. I wouldn't be writing here now if I didn't believe in what he showed, although by now many have put their own slant on his techniques.

Unfortunately it appears that it is the students - the followers of Ueshiba who created the devine image. The followers of masters today act under the same fashion, and most masters I have seen and learned from would rather they were treated as the human being they are, and were before stepping into the hakama.
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