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I show respect to O-sensei, but I don't think of him as a god or a diety. I show respect as a thank you.. I also show him respect out of respect, if that makes sence.

I don't think that true aikido can be taught. I think you can show someone the techniques and from then on they have to make aikido their own.

We can robot moves all we want, but I think that would take the dynamics out of the scope of what aikido is.

I don't think that O-sensei is a bad teacher, Im sure he taught what he could.

Perhaps the ones that are "better" at aikido just are really close to what true aikido is for **them**.

So if people say no one will ever be as good as O-sensei in aikido. Maybe it would be more appropriate to say;

" No one will ever be as good as O-sensei's Aikido" ( true self aikido) Your only limited to how good the aikido is that is inside you.

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