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Re: Practice without tradition

What do you think about practicing Aikido with minimum tradition. .
we do

No Kamiza, no proper shomen... no picture of Osensei. No bowing to each other if you don't want to... no constant bowing to sensei?
we don't

No bowing when you enter the room. Just pure practice of techniques...
not quite - bow at the start, bow at the finish + normally one bow to your final practice partner. - unless it's a grading then there's a few more.

The techniques and how you perform them are the main expression of the philosophy aikido. The rest is based on the culture that gave birth to aikido and is relatively meaningless to many, including myself, it's just not my culture or particularly interesting to me.

I take Mary's point regarding dojo/non-dojo distinctions, but the initial bow + warm-up seems to serve the purpose.
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