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Re: wanting to compare 2 books

Shioda Sensei's book will give you some good overview of technical matters, particularly in his style, but it will be difficult to practice the techniques by yourself, and unwise also (beginners should always train under the direct supervision of an instructor).

The Shifflett book shows exercises, both physical and mental, that you can do at home, and by yourself. It will probably be the more useful of the two in your case. Read it after midnight, and get in the dojo during the day or evening.

Just one more suggestion: Books do have their place, and I have learned much from them, but I know what to expect and what not to expect. I also know that no single book ever written can be relied upon by itself. For a better perspective, don't limit your reading to a single title. Read as many as you can get, and learn to set aside those things that make no sense or are of little use. You don't have to own them all (I didn't listen to my own advice, though), but visit the library, borrow from your friends, or use the reading room at Barnes & Noble. Don't let anyone pooh-pooh your enthusiasm, and enjoy the journey.
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