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Question wanting to compare 2 books

I couldn't fine the correct spot to ask this question. I hope it will get answered here

I have been looking for something to supplement my training in aikido.
I found the following 2 books on
Both say they are geared for training.
Both get great reviews & are both rated 5 stars (average by 23 people)
I know there are reviews here on this site too, but I was wanting though; to know if one book really is better then the other. I am sure that both books are good. but i want the one that covers the techniques the best.

Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training - C. M. Shifflett; Paperback

Total Aikido: The Master Course (Bushido--The Way of the Warrior) - Gozo Shioda; Hardcover

* But I can't decide just because I sure to get 23 good reviews both have to be good.
I am leaning more to the Total Aikido: The Master Course but can't decide/figure out which would be the best for training. Because I was able to find it at Borders Books but I will probably order it from; it is cheaper & I get free shipping because I am ordering other books I want. (of course I can't afford both books at this time)

Has any one read both of these books? (or at least looked at both of them?)
That is willing to say which book "THEY THINK" best covers the techniques.
Which one has the most techniques in it?
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