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Re: Aikido against judo

hm yeah..i have been wanting to get the video tape where Tohei sensei toook on those challengers in Hawaii,because its like the only footage of aikido used effectively against other forms of MA (judokas,wrestlers and karatekas)instead of the usual ukes in Aikido.Anyone knows where to get them?

And I really wanna know if aikido techniques wld turn out smoothly like the practices we do in class.And i cant see to be able to perform any Aikido techniques on my friends.Its like they just come..creeping closer and practices Uke always seem to be commited when attacking.

Roy i wld love to know more abt those not so smooth demostrations.and can you gimme some tips on how to improve my Aikido?

Sorry ppl..its just some insecurity i have after i tried out those friendly games with my friends.I am like 1st kyu..thats why i am starting to question my training..
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