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Re: Poll: If doctors told you that continuing aikido would be very bad for your health, would you continue training?

Ed OConnor wrote:
If Aikido gave you cancer, damaged your heart/lung/liver/kidney function, ability to reason, etc... I doubt most folks would continue... then again there's nothing good about cigarette smoking ; )

My teacher - Sensei Ted Stratton - died of cancer in 2000, but he taught and trained Aikido to the end (he had cancer, parkinsons and diabeties! Anther thing to think of is what level you are. Staying with Aikido is different to starting Aikido. Once you are practicing Aikido, you can keep going, instead of starting something new.

I tore my MCL in January 2002, and I ended up in a leg brace! Hakama on over leg brace and carry on! I trained every day! No suwari and my kamae was higher, but I did it! But hey, I was the teacher!!!

There is a lot to be said for keeping yourself going by training, and when you stop so does everything else!

Keep training!

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