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Lee Salzman
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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Chris, the words are not what matter in the end. The words are not what make these people special. Most of these words you could probably find in your average questionable Matt Furey product. What matters here is the degree to which these skills have been burned into the body and the methods used to do that.

While most of these concepts exist in our idea of modern athletics, they are a bit schizophrenic and all over the map in their development, and basically lacking. There are people out there with skills along other axes than simple athleticism - they don't replace athleticism, they augment it - and they are developed to unusual degrees through methodology that we might ordinarily dismiss or not immediately recognize the potential of without specific in-the-flesh exemplars. You know who these people are by now, no need to belabor that - they all have varying degrees of worthwhile things, so don't either make the mistake of judging any one based on the other either. Go seek them out and feel them before you dismiss things based on mere false cognates in skill development terminology.

You will not find the answers you think you found by any amount of reading words on a screen. Some things are ultimately transmitted non-verbally by feel in the end, despite what the words imply, they are not exhaustive descriptions of what is going on and can only vaguely point the way.
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