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Re: Aikido and Jujitsu training

I think you want to set clear goals for yourself.

There is a guy here in CT named Fabio that has a lot of people's respect for his ability (maybe 16 years of bjj). I have not met him yet. I was talking to one of his students (becuase I want to meet him) who is also in my university aikido club and I was shocked when he explained to me that "Fabio doesn't roll with people much anymore because he's old." So I asked, "How old is he?" and the response was "He's pretty old. He's 37." The student standing with us talking - who has to be in his late 50s or early 60s - and I just laughed and laughed...

I honeslty do not know if my student's perception is accurate or if people like Fabio are the exception rather than the rule, but it suggests to me that you might want to at least talk to some of the older people in bjj because if you stick it out you'll be one someday (hopefully not at 37).

With all of that said, I would recommend working out with a bjj player because it is good martial arts information. The other side of this is always that you might want to wait on learning both sets of fundimentals at once, and learn them one at a time.

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