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Dear Greg,
I am interested in your comment about Tohei Sensei reaching a certain level of Ki/I.P development, You then make the statement that mr Harden has taken the concept one step beyond Tohei sensei.On what basis do you make this assertion? Have you trained /studied directly with Tohei Sensei? If so , was it recently ?Are you competent enough to make comparisons?I say this since I am not familiar with your aikido lineage .Can you explain why you believe Mr Harden reached another level? I await your reply with much interest. Hope you are well, Cheers, Joe.

I see that Greg already responded, but I would like too as well. He and I have very similar lineages. My instructor was a student of Ueshiba and Tohei. He was close with Tohei and initially went with him after the split and was one of his shihans. So I'm pretty familiar with methods and I'm also on the IP path, so to speak.

If you break IS/IP down into its components and look at what Tohei said and tried to teach, the similarities are unmistakable. His four basic principles were all about creating a relaxed, connected and balanced body that moves from the hara/dantien and uses that body to connect with and control another person. There are a lot of aspects to that, but that's the basic gist of it. The problem is that nothing he taught was very clear in relation to what you're supposed to get out of it.. You're never told that all of the exercises and things he taught were for this very specific body development. What people like Dan and Mike are doing is taking that same basic idea and cleaning it up. They're filling in the gaps, explaining things better and doing exercises and drills that are more clear with an easy to understand end result.
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