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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
...I've never read the level of scorn and hatred in the type comments that have been made against me.
Between three people, I've now been called a liar, con man and a criminal on Aikiweb...
As long as it's the people who don't know you, it's just internet noise. When people who know you start joining in, then you worry.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
So, what have you gathered from the idea that Ki...was strength in the first place. Long before new age westerners tried to re-define it?
Do you understand more and starting to feel the idea of intent leading ki and ki leading strength?
Durrr... nope.

First, having given up weightlifting primarily because of you, when I was right at the point of achieving a 1.5X BW bench and 2X BW squat, you've got some balls telling me this is all strength anyway. Howabout I go back to the weight room and tell you I'm working on IP? Those muscles are internal, right?

Intent leading ki and ki leading strength... maybe I'm halfway there. Where I get to is something that doesn't feel like strength, it feels like strength became irrelevant. Is that what you mean by ki being strength? But it doesn't feel like the strength of the weight room, even when I was trying to bench press by pushing with my back (which works very well, btw).

But I'm unwilling to limit ki to that box anyway. I think there are more parts to it and defining it as "strength" as we now use it feels too limiting.
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