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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Your view is my post has no merit, your opinion. Put in such a way as a statement IS dismissive.

You believe his views are close to Toheis? O.k. Such is your belief. You are spot on when you say I would be somewhat surprised.

In my experience when a persons views are similar then comments about them are respectful, full of admiration, very validatory and humble. ESPECIALLY when that person is in all respects far longer serving, far more experienced and is the renowned expert on that particular subject in that particular field, namely Aikido.

That doesn't mean I disrespect you it means due to my view and the examples given I disagree with your view.

Hey Graham,

As I stated in another post, I respect your right to voice you opinions in any manner you desire as long as they don't harm others - in my opinion, I don't see Dan as being disrespectful to Tohei - actually, in private conversations, Dan has expressed the utmost regard for Tohei and his achievements stating they are absolutely essential as a first step to IS development - however, he simply states that Tohei took internal strength development only so far - others are just taking it farther that is all, and Dan is only one of them.

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