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Re: To help or not to help

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
He's telling you we don't say "red Indian" anymore. We say "native American." Get with the program. :+)

And wolves aren't aggressive, at least not in the hunting context. It's a category error, like referring to wild animals as "gentle." Anybody who says something like that is not only clueless, but is blowing a particularly dangerous variety of smoke.
Oh, political correctness. Duhhh. Yeah, wolves make great pets. All animals are aggressive at times but there again so are humans.

You ever seen a good documentary on wolves? The leader is never the macho bullying one. It's very interesting. Same with elephants on the whole.

The subject of wolves reminds me of one of Nialls blogs, different cultures see them differently.

I did like lone wolf mcquade though and lone wolf and cub.

Anyway, what's a wild animal? No second thoughts, don't go there.

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