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Re: To help or not to help

Larry Robinson wrote: View Post
The wolf, sheep, sheep dog analogy is used in our training in Corrections here in California. It's not so much the characteristics but the mindset of each. The sheep are unaware and passive, the wolves are aggressive and take advantage of any lapse in awareness, and the sheepdog is constantly aware of his surroundings but not to the point where he is attacking anything that comes his way.This analogy is coupled with the OODA loop/ goofy loop and color coded conditions of combat or Cooper's color code.

So yeah military types and some LEO types are like wolves as are criminal gangs and individual criminals who would be lone wolves. Sheep are the unsuspecting public easy to take advantage of, and sheepdogs are specific LEOs and general public who have a sense of looking out for the rest and try to maintain a certain level of awareness, that is somewhere between wondering who is knocking on your door and paranoia.

I think this type of training should be incorporated into every martial art. Physical training, is of no use if you are sacked before you even know to get your guard up. Being aware is great condition to maintain. If you can learn to be relaxed and have fun, while still being aware of who and what are around you, you are that much more ahead in the game.
I get it. O.K. See where your coming from giving the view of awareness and alertness. Plus the intention to look after and protect.

Poor old wolves, always seen as pure aggressive creatures. I think the red indians understood them better.

Anyway, the way you put it I concede, not a bad analogy.

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