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Re: What is Ki?

By the way,

A lot of posters seem to do a lot of demanding,

Show me where I "insisted" anything about "what it is not". Go ahead, show me.
Now, if you know what "ki" is, and you disagree, tell me why.
If you can't tell me why, explain to me in what sense you believe you understand the concept of "ki" better than I.
And then they just take or ignore the answer and go right on bickering. To me that is extremely rude and childish.

You might not like my posts, but I won't make demands on you.
I asked you only one question which I hoped you to answer; that was:
Is this a satisfactory definition for textbook purposes, or is it not?
It was not meant as a challenge. I wanted to know if the answer that you requested was satisfactory to you.
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