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Two Hundred and Thirty

In the very early universe, Planck-time moments after the Big Bang, all the known forces were unified. As the universe cooled and expanded this super-symmetry began to unravel and the four forces of nature that we currently recognize emerged. I liken the cooling and expansion of the early universe to the growth of conscious self awareness in the developing human being which breaks the symmetry of mind and body.

I suppose that there isn't an individual moment in the past when I first became aware of "me" or an exact time when I first thought of "my body" as somehow separate from my "me-ish" essence. Consciousness of self, I think, happened gradually; that it kind of crept into my awareness when I wasn't looking. Prior to the emergence of self my mind and body were tightly coordinated and very close to the moment. Self awareness opened the doors to past and future which broke the symmetry and gave my mind the ability to wander from the moment.

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