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James Besenyei
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A gun, like any weapon, should be studied, the practioner should practice, practice, practice, and he should understand which gun to use. Guns in the modern world can be the ultimate self defense technique - the introduction of the "wonder nine" market is indicative of this, b/c it is small and deadly at close range. I say "can" b/c if one has not trained extensively with his weapon it will no doubt lead to his undoing..either through mistakes of arrogance, or misuse of the weapon. Martial arts (all of them) ultimatley give a person more awareness, more body control, more endurance, and provide the training to remain calm during stressful situations (we have all taken a belt exam under the watchful eye of a teacher!). Similiarly if one has ever trained extensively with a handgun he has come to understand his weapon, like his body in MA's, is an extension of his mind, and is only useful if his mind is clear, calm, and aware.

We walk with our heads bowed not because we are afraid, but rather because we are humble.
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