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Asim Hanif (AsimHanif) wrote:
I may be off (again) but I took Chads point to mean that if people want a solely physical, agressive self defense solution, there are surely quicker methods to pursue that are not necessarily a Tao (although they need not be).
The option of using a gun goes out the window when you are not able to use it. They were meant to be used as distance weapons, not up close. Therefore, the need for people in the Army needing to qualify at the range every six months (I'm a veteran).

If you can't aim it, it's useless and at close range, the odds of it being taken from you and being used against you increases exponentially.

Since these instances have been in the news, there's probably a link somewhere with stats on how many people were injured or killed with their own gun.

As I said earlier, I do agree with the rest of what Chad had to say on this thread.


"If the enemy thinks of the mountains, attack like the sea; and if he thinks of the sea, attack like the mountains. - Miyamoto Musashi - 1584 - 1645
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