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Re: YouTube: Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei) in 1968

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
May be you talking here about very high level of practice, but for the beginners with less than 10 years of ukemi, I find it misleading and counterproductive. The reason is a change in the general focus of practice. If your objective is to fit into nage technique, you will do it regardless what nage is doing, isn't it? Even if his technique is not respecting martial aspects of aikido? Even if what is he doing is a complete nonsense? I can see presently quite of many people (will not list names for etiquette reason) that follow this approach and the results are disastrous from my point of view.
So this is not for me.

I expressed myself not well enough. I know a young adult who practice aikido, he is very talented, not only in body coordination but also in many other domains (like observation, art, music, literature etc). Of course he is able to do the aikido techniques instantly at very high level of correctness. What I can hear when somebody compliment him after watching him practice, his response is : Of course.
From one point of view he is right, he simply states the reality -- his technique is excellent. But from human development point of view it is very dangerous -- everything what he does is a success. So he never gets constructive negative feedback. Also because his parents are doing everything to make painless to develop his talents. So he is living in kind of illusion, and developing a conviction that his every move is right. Than one day something does seriously wrong -- he has not mechanism to deal with such situation. Usual reaction is to reject the reality to maintain his comfortable life….so he can't learn from difficult situation and provide correct solutions.

That's why in judo they introduced sparring in the end of XIX century. This is a simple mechanism to test what you learned in cooperative way in kata and to develop automatic body answer every time you are facing a difficulty.

In aikido we don't have sparring, if nage never face difficulty, he will not have any answer for difficulty, being it physical or non-physical.
Dear Mr S,
Just because your young guy appears to be a hotshot now does not mean he will carry on being a hotshot.He might well run into someone who gives him a hard time.The guy does seem from your writing to be a tad egotistical.Maybe he needs to be taken down a peg, not in a bad way , but more to stop the guy from being big headed.He perhaps needs to acquire some humility.Modesty does not appear to be his strong point methinks. Cheers, Joe.
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