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Michael Varin
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Internal vs External -- The Discussion?

I've noticed a number of recent threads regarding "IP/IT/IS" that have gotten very divisive.

I don't want to engage that right now, but I'm interested in a meta-discussion.

I read several years ago that in the late 1600s, the terms internal and external first appeared and were used to classify arts based on their place of origin (Chinese/Manchu) and their religious connection (Taoist/Buddhist). It wasn't until the early 1900s that the terms were used to describe any expression of martial skill.

I wonder if it isn't simply the way this discussion is framed, and the meanings that people place on the terminology being used that is causing the problems for those on both sides?

What makes this interesting? What causes people to be so passionate and persistent about it? Where do you think the divide really lies?

If you could ideally frame this dicussion, how would you do it?

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