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Re: Spear Training for Internal Power


Did you notice how in CXW's quote that he does not describe what the mechanics of the 'dantien' are at all and thus does not address the questions (about the anatomical properties of the dantien) I posted on the other thread? Of course the dantien needs to be developed so that it can better 'communicate' (bad use of words, btw--maybe the translation sucks?) with the 'muscles' and bones'..

My question in the other thread remains: how is the dantien developed, and which muscles--easily identifiable by body stretching (not the same as conditioning whole body connection and developing aiki skills btw)--are engaged to move 'it'?

Since I believe Tim is describing the process of conditioning the dantien (through the paradigm of spear training) in a more accurate (accurate in the sense that the concepts can help you single out muscle groups used to condition whole-body connection as opposed to comparatively uninformative visuals of an imaginary sphere in your 'middle'), anatomical nomenclature, I would like to know why he's off the mark--in other words, can you describe to me how Tim is doing it wrong and how to correct it, all in anatomical terms (since I can just do the research, look up the muscle groups that you will refer to, and do isolating exercises to help me identify and then continue with the whole-body conditioning stuff)? I address this to you David since it's difficult to get some people to answer your questions directly.

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