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Re: Spear Training for Internal Power

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Any time. From your questions, I gathered that you might have concerns over the fact that the pelvis rotates so that it's no long fully facing the front. Is that the case?

For grappling, yeah, I'd rather keep my hips square as much as possible because turning sideways opens me up to counters, aka all the big pickup counters to forward throws that the Soviets introduced to judo competition. But in a game where striking is involved, I find (for me) that it's advantageous to be able to sometimes use the shoulder roll/philly shell type defense. I know that some people think that can't be used in an MMA or kickboxing environment, and that in that environment one has to square up and stand tall. However, if you take a look at Josh Barnett, for example, he does use the shell/shoulder roll in MMA:

Hi Tim,

Actually, I just couldn't tell how you were doing the exercise. I'm a bit dense at times. After you posted with more details, I got the picture (pun intended).

I haven't met or trained with Akuzawa, but from people talking and the vids, he's way too structural, mobile, and powerful to do any of the "normal" mistakes like bracing, having tight hips, etc.

So, rereading your posts, I have a hard time trying to understand what's really being worked internally. And as you said, "its difficult to communicate these things in the written word". I pretty much know for sure there's other stuff going on, but I'll wait until I can get my hands on someone (you, Rob, Ark, etc) so that I can ask (hopefully) intelligent questions.

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