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Patrick Crane
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Re: Poll: How important is "being martially effective" in your aikido training?

There's a Karate school right down the street from where I live. I could walk there. But I drive 30 miles each way three nights a week to get my aikido lessons.
Why did I choose aikido and why am I willing to go so far out of my way at $3.10 a gallon to get it?

I've watched the Ali - Liston, Ali- Foreman, Ali- Frazier fights dozens of times on DVD.
I was watching on pay-per-view the night Tyson bit Holyfield's ear.
I've watched the Rodney King and Reginald Denny beatings.
I've seen dozens of UFC/NHB matches.
I've been all over the country driving a truck, hopelessly lost and had to stop and ask directions in neighborhoods most suburban white boys won't even think about going to....never had a reason to...but if I had, I'd have wanted aikido with me.

The legendary general Hannibal was most famous for his strategy of offering only token resistance to an enemy's frontal attack, while launching devastating surprise flanking offensives.

The best running backs love to use the techniques of spinning out of tackles (irimi, tenkan?),
and giving a tackler the old "stiff arm" (atemi?).

As far as I'm concerned, Aikido IS street fighting.
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