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Re: Brawling with a friend

Jeff Davidson wrote:
I was reading this thread a while back and I was thinking about these quotes.

To me... much of this stuff is like when I play Chess. I play Chess with people who are my friends - sometimes they beat me, and sometimes I beat them. I'm always learning new moves and setups to watch out for and new things to try. It's always just for fun and it doesn't change our relationship, because they are always getting better too. The same goes for the people I "fight" with. I get popped every now and then and I pop every now and then. I don't hold it against someone else when they get a good shot off or a good takedown, and they don't hold it against me either. It actually kind of gets us closer in a weird way. It's a real different relationship after you've boxed with a guy or had some sort of physical match against them. In the places I work out... it doesn't hurt to fight, as long as you are fighting people you respect and who respect you and as long as you are fighting to improve yourself, not to "beat" the other guy.

Anyway, I have to kind of disagree with those quotes (from my perspective). Fighting (or brawling) can be a lot like chess... depending on how you approach it and who you are interacting with.

Just my two cents and I can certainly see what you mean in those quotes, I just haven't experienced that in my own life.


Jeff D.

I understand what you mean. Sparing/competing in bjj, judo, mma for me is no different then playing basketball, football, or baseball. I have no ill feelings and I dont feel superior to those I beat. I dont even feel its violent. I feel violence needs intent. I never intend to harm, I only intend to win.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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