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Re: Aikido Techniques are Weapons Techniques

Just for clarity I cut the post in two
If you understand what the true place is then it does not matter what weapon you are using from knife to messer (or katana) to longsword (or tashi) to Zweihander to spear and halberd passing by single stick or quarterstaff even sword and bucler
There will be change as to where hat true place actually is as distance changes according to the weapon but relative to each weapon that true place is always the same.

With that in mind open hand is just and other weapon. It makes sense to be in that true place even with open hands, just in case our opponent carries a weapon

It s all well and good but I think that you can not dissociate that with atemi.

If your opponent tries to intercept you when you are getting to the true place, you will always have a timing advantage on him and he will probably have to extend.
This what the BJJ/MMa guy call a Fucktard attack, and they are king of right, when fencing I call that messing up.

But if he doesn't to do that we need a strike or a thrust to take advantage of that true place. If we do not, he just needs to re-align his body and the true place is not the true place for us anymore.(but now it is for him)
Making use of the place implicitly require for either him to give something to use or for us to take it.


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