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Re: The Way of Aiki

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
Good questions, Joe, but they have simple answers (at least for me).

My teacher definitely has this stuff, but does not teach it directly. I went through a phase of intense frustration where I was feeling things from people like Kanetsuka, Ikeda and Yamashima that really impressed me, but I realised that, however much information these people gave you, none of them taught you even how to start to get a body that felt like theirs, nor precisely how to do what they were showing.

You know me well enough by now to know that I am not someone who follows anyone with my eyes closed. You will also appreciate that I have been around the block enough times now that I don't see most things in terms of "either/or". The "gent who is no longer posting on this forum" (anyone reading this particular subforum will not need to be spoonfed his name!) is teaching a set of simple but profound exercise drills that I realised very quickly were what I was looking for, and that I believe build the skills I described in my post above.

If I read you correctly, I think you are being overly provocative. I have no need to change my allegiance at this point as I love aikido. As far as I understand them, TGWINLPOTF's teachings don't contradict anything that my aikido teacher is teaching, and since no "mainstream aikido group" is teaching explicitly how to do this stuff I see no reason to change for the time being,

Dear Alex,
Thanks for your reply. This is where the the system of teaching as I see it breaks down. Namely the instructors who have the aiki skills either cannot or will not pass these methods on to students.This begs the question , if they have the skills why do they not transmit the methods ? Surely if Mr DH is teaching simple[your description] exercises that develop these skills , others can ???? The vast majority of instructors simply teach the forms, the external process.The bit that interests me is the internal part.
Alex, I know you well enough to know you like your aikido. Its just me, the man who often asks awkward questions.Makes for a stimulating discussion. Any way, you gave a good answer.For that I thank you.As ever I send you my regards. Always a pleasure to chat with you here.Take care, Joe.
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