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Re: Help! Blackbelts vs Sensei!

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Just on the weight distribution aspect, last year I trialled some force plates (one for each foot) to help understand unbalancing/kuzushi. But as an interesting aside we looked at weight distribution and discovered that even for people with more than 10 years training under their belt, what they felt was 90/10 distribution was actually closer to 60/40. We were amazed!

You can try this yourself with a couple of bathroom scales, it might help explain somethings and maybe everybody is right (in their own mind)

Sorry meant to chime in with this a month back
Cheers Dan that's a great idea I'll try it out. Alhtough sensei and another BB did frown at me the other day when I was standing like that... so I got a tshirt made saying "She told me to do it" jokes
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