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Re: Help! Blackbelts vs Sensei!

Hey all,

Thanks very much for your replies. Haven't had the chance to be on the net, been practicing diligently.

I decided to follow what sensei shows me. I trust the man (or woman) who takes Aikido outside of class time too.

Now my partner just got home yesterday and has run into the same problem at the dojo. She's being drilled to do kamae by the one same black belt for 40mins a day for grading training, and being made to do more of a lunge than stance than kamae.

I appreciate that the black belts may be doing this to be a leg-strengthening but wouldn't that be risky because it could end up building bad habit in the students right from the start of standing too wide and too deep, in what is meant to be a natural stance? Hmm, maybe I should go to Japan and see how they do it...

Aikido looks to me to be very much about planting a seed, not relying on muscular strength, but in fact knowing yourself so well that when the tree is finally grown you are unique in your own Aikido. Whatever it's intention, it's awesome!

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